Sinar Consulting offers strategies to leverage capital to catalyze gender parity and justice for firms, foundations, and individuals.

  • Gender auditing, advising, training, and portfolio and value chain integration.
  • Gender-lens investing and philanthropy scouting and due diligence.

The Case for Gender Lens Investing and Giving: 

What is gender-lens investing? 

Gender-lens investing is an approach to philanthropy, traditional investing, and impact investing that aligns capital with gender parity and justice initiatives and motives. This approach integrates gender analysis into financial analysis as decisions are made across portfolios. Further, it holistically considers the impact of specific investments on women and girls within a business/organization, community, and sector. 

While our primary motive is to realize gender equity, there is also ample evidence that demonstrates increased and sustained ROI on gender-lens investing, both in the philanthropic and private sectors. 

What is impact investing? 

Impact investing, a term coined by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2007, is investing with the intention of generating social and/or environmental return in addition to financial return.